The following two papers were issued in Seisan Kenkyu, a journal in Japanese published by Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo.


1. Shinji NAKAOKA, Hisao TAKI and Kazuyuki Aihara: “Mathematical modeling study on immune system,” Seisan Kenkyu, Vol. 62, p.235-240 (2010)

[Abstract] In this review paper, we introduce recent progress in theoretical immunology, especially focusing on studies toward quantitative experiments for cell population growth and their mathematical models. We also show that, among mathematical models which have been independently developed by different authors, there exist similarities in terms of mathematical structure and underlying implicit assumptions.

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2. Takaki MAKINO, Hisao TAKI and Kazuyuki Aihara: “Altruistic behavior and recursive estimation of others’ internal state,” Seisan Kenkyu, Vol. 62, p.259-265 (2010)

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