Based on the concept that "the urge to contribute is a human instinct", to seek human ways of living and how they can be put into practice.


We conduct academic and practical research on Homo contribuens, or human beings who are creatures endowed with the urge to contribute as an instinct. We also provide assistance to activities which promote understanding that the urge to contribute is a human instinct.

Homo Contribuens Colloquium

Interested specialists from various fields, such as science, engineering, medicine, philosophy, and religion gathered, and the colloquium was launched in 2003. We hold the colloquium two or three times a year and discuss studies and practices related to “the urge to contribute is a human instinct.”


Past Records of Colloquium


– Reports of Homo Contribuens Colloquium

We have compiled and published the results of each colloquium in 27 volumes as of March 2016.


– Homo Contribuens Series

We have published the Japanese edition of “Homo Contribuens Series,” in which the original results of the colloquiums so far are compiled, so that researchers and interested persons can read them at universities and in libraries.

ホモコントリビューエンス叢書1「医療と貢献心」 Vol. 1 “Medical Care and The Urge to Contribute”

By Hisatake Kato (Editor)
Publisher: Fuyo Shobo (October 2011)

ホモコントリビューエンス叢書2「人間と貢献心」 Vol. 2 “Humans and The Urge to Contribute”

By Hisatake Kato (Editor)
Publisher: Fuyo Shobo (January 2012)

ホモコントリビューエンス叢書3 「科学・文化と貢献心」 Vol. 3 “Science & Culture and The Urge to Contribute”

By Hisatake Kato (Editor)
Publisher: Fuyo Shobo (January 2012)

– Books

In addition to foreign language editions of “Homo contribuens,” we publish books by members of this institute.


“Virtue Ethics: Basic Readings”

By Hisatake Kato and Satoshi Kodama (Editor and Supervisor of translation)
Publisher: Keiso Shobo (November 2015)


Support for Research Projects

We provide support for academic and practical research projects related to “Urge to contribute is a human instinct” at universities or laboratories.

  • Hisatake Kato Research Project
    Reports (in Japanese)
  • Research Project by Miyake Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Results in 2013-2014
    Results in 2012
    Results in 2010-2011

And so on.


Seminars and Lectures

For education of the urge to contribute as a human instinct, we take various opportunities to hold seminars and lectures and so on.

  • Lecture at Tsinghua University on 10-November-09.
  • Discussion at Science Café on 21-March-14.
  • Lecture at Keio University on 11-November-15.
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